Chewing Gum at School
As John worked on his class work in Ms.Cruz??™s class, while chewing a piece of gum, he is comforted by the teacher to spit out his gum and is given a referral. Frustrated, he packed his work in his back pack to leave to his SLC. On his way out, he notices that the teacher is chewing gum as well and complains to her asking why she can chew gum but he can??™t, and in her defense she replies that she ???just can.???
Being a student myself, I believe that staff administration and students should be treated equally under the rules and regulations of the school, and that if students can??™t chew gum in class, than neither should staff. In many cases, the staff is such hypocrites. The most common excuse a teacher will commonly say that is the reason students cant chew gum in class is because students stick it under their desk. Well maybe if students didn??™t have to hide chewing gum, they wouldn??™t stick it under the desk and instead would throw it in the trash can.
As a matter of fact, academic surveys show that students who chewed gum while taking their final exam have had higher test scores, compared to those who didn??™t. Several teachers have even realized that students who chewed gum required fewer breaks, paid better attention and stayed quiet longer, opposed to those who did not chew gum. Also, chewing gum may help students concentrate because it could help students unconsciously disregard their hunger when they are working in class. All in all, the positive results in chewing gum out weigh the negative consequences and because of this students should be allowed to chew gum.